TECKNET Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell with 2 USB Ports

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$32.99 USD
TECKNET Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell with 2 USB Ports

TECKNET Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell with 2 USB Ports


TECKNET Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell with 2 USB Ports


TECKNET Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell Kit

Our wireless door bell is self-powered, using stress energy to send stable signals, eliminating batteries. Press the wireless doorbell chime, it will generate electricity by itself, 200,000 times button life.

Extra USB Sockets

Receiver With Socket And 2 USB Ports

the unique plug-in wireless doorbell, the additional socket on the receiver can be used for other electrical devices (power not over 2000 watts). Connect the bell radio front door to the socket and then connect a device as usual.

IP65 Waterproof Self-Powered Cordless Door Bells

IP65 Waterproof Self-Supply Wireless Doorbell

This waterproof wireless doorbell for outdoor use does not require batteries for the transmitter (button) and receiver. When the transmitter is pressed, it generates power itself and sends a stable signal to the receiver. The doorbell works between -20 °C and 60 °C and can withstand various harsh weather conditions.

400M Range

400 m / 1,312 ft Comprehensive Wireless Range

The powerful and stable wireless signal does not interfere with other devices in your home or your neighbours. This means you won't miss a visitor, even if you are several rooms away or on another floor.

60 Ringtones & 5 Adjustable Volume

5 Tone Levels And 60 Different Ringtones

Offers a rich and clear sound. There are 5 tone levels to choose from different tones (0dB to 120dB). The wireless doorbell has 60 different ringtones to meet your needs. Simply press the Next or Previous button to select from the 60 tunes.

Memory function 

Mute Mode

Switch to mute mode so that the doorbell does not disturb a sleeping person.

Easy to use

Easy To Install & LED Indicator Light

Wireless doorbells for home can be installed in two ways through adhesive tape or screw; doorbell built-in LED indicator for hearing-impaired people or mothers with baby, reminding them someone coming.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
door bell

Brilliant saves on batteries and no hassle

No wires, no fuss just plug and play.

Extremely easy to install and works better than expected. The fact you can still use the socket the receiver plugs into makes this a no brainer. Installed and working in minutes. The sender is just the right size for your average door frame.Way too many ring tones but once you've selected one the volume is very loud so no problem hearing the bell throughout the house.For the money, seems good quality.

Placement is key

We really like this product and how easy it has been to get up and running with an excellent volume for our property needs. We had a technical issue but the product support was very responsive and helpful. We had placed the receiver too close to our internet box which made the bell go off at random times from the signal. We have since moved the receiver and this has helped with only one further occasion of it going off randomly, however the company has also sent us a full replacement as well. We're pleased with the product and the customer service. Nothing is ever perfect for every occasion but this product has been much better than our other devices that have always failed to work after a time or used a lot of batteries. Happy customer

Door bell! that doesn't need batteries.

Door bell that is on duty all the tim, with lots of sounds to play with, and loud enough to hear, when the kettle is boiling.

La leganto.
Activated without bellpush being touched - renders it UNRELIABLE

Door bell chimes sporadically activated, e.g. at 3am, disturbing sleep, without bellpush being touched. After ten episodes like this I have substituted it for a simpler, less expensive product. I cannot recommend this product based on this less than adequate performance.