TECKNET Phone Holder Car Mount For 4"-7"

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$24.99 USD
TECKNET Phone Holder Car Mount For 4"-7"

TECKNET Phone Holder Car Mount For 4"-7"


TECKNET Phone Holder Car Mount For 4"-7"


Two Installation Methods

Just place the cup holder phone mount in the car cup holder and secure it for use. It can also be installed on your air vents without leaving sticky stains on your car vents. You can control cup holder phone mount however you want!

Extra Silicone Caps

Three additional silicone caps to increase the diameter of the phone holder base, making it suitable for larger sizes of cup holders.

2-IN-1 Holder Phone Mount

360 Degree Rotation

Featuring a ball-shape pivot, the car cell phone holder can be smoothly swiveled to any angle. Convenient for hands-free viewing, navigating and calling.

Sturdy Aluminum Gooseneck

The hard aluminum material will not break and prevents your phone from dropping.

Cup Holder Phone Mount

Quick Release Button

The one-button release feature allows you to place and take your smartphone in seconds, which is simple and convenient to use during travel.

Full Protection

Silicone pads on the holder and phone clamps prevent your phone from slipping off and being scratched.

Easy Charging

The slot (0.6 inches/16 mm) reserved for the charging cable on the phone mount allows you to charge freely on the journey. Your phone won't run out of juice even after long navigation and broadcasting.

Cup Holder Phone Mount


1. Can it also be installed in the car vent?

YES! Our 2-in-1 cup holder phone mount comes with a vent clip for vertical A/C vents, and you can adjust phone mount to vertical or horizontal position

2. Is it easy to take phone out?

YES! This cup phone holder suppports one button auto release. Simply press the button on the back of the phone mount, the clamp will automatically expand to maximum width, you can easily insert and remove your phone

3. How long is the gooseneck?

The length of the gooseneck is 11 inches and up to 15 inches with base, you can raise 11 inches by twisting the neck

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