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Bluetooth Headphones未标题-3.png__PID:9b1e0107-2230-4c30-94e7-b131a827d123

Enjoy the private space of music and be immersed in your own world!

ErgonOMic Wireless Mousesa.jpg__PID:05c4b67d-9eba-44b0-b23c-725e2ec43fd7

Let your hands move comfortably and enjoy unlimited operating fun!

Keyboard & Mouse Wrist Rest未标题-3.png__PID:56230292-f1de-4729-bcad-95bbf76f1a3c

Stay comfortable and supported during long computer use, reducing wrist and hand fatigue.


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Wireless Doorbell

Stable signal transmission ensures you don't miss any important visitors.

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Electronics & PC

An indispensable partner in life, bringing you endless possibilities.


Solar lights

Environmentally friendly and sustainable, inject green into your life.



Go outside and listen to the sound of raindrops and smell the rain.


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a loud chime. no batteries to go dead

donald paolino

powered by the house current is a big plus cause my batteries in other chimes went dead and I didnt know without checking which I didnt have time for. Only had one but needed two since I am either in the living room or my bedroom. The pair in this product is perfect for my application. The mount for the pushbutton is kind of lacking. sould have like a keyhole or something; this one needs self stick type to attach. I am going to put it in a plastic or wood box to protect against the sun uv damage and weathering. just what I was looking for.

TECKNET Twin Self-Powered Wireless Doorbell Plug in Cordless Door Chime 1300ft Range


If you have wrist/hand problems-this is for you

Justin Jones

I recently purchased the TECKNET Ergonomic Mouse, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with its performance. As someone who spends a lot of time at my computer due to work and college, I was looking for a mouse that would be comfortable to use for extended periods of time. This mouse exceeded my expectations. It feels great in my hand and doesn't cause any discomfort or pain, even after hours of use. The ergonomic design of the mouse is fantastic, and it has made a noticeable difference in my productivity. I highly recommend the TECKNET Ergonomic Mouse to anyone looking for a comfortable and reliable mouse for their computer.

TECKNET Ergonomic Mouse, 2.4G Wireless Silent Mouse with 4800 DPI


No more tripping over the stairs or fumbling for the flashlight


The back is held in place with Phillips head screws, but there’s no need to actually remove the back as the battery and casement is not one you could swap out with rechargeable batteries. The design of the battery placement is smart in that it’s at the top of the device. If water were to get in the casing and settle, the battery and electronics would not be harmed.The additional side lights are very nice and why are you really only need one light for scenarios like this. A well placed light can cover an entire stairwell. Watch the placement as the light is extremely bright...

TECKNET Outdoor Solar Light with 231 LED, Solar Powered Security Light for Front Door/Fence/Yard/Garage/Garden

Color copy.png__PID:28fddcbb-3de1-4824-97f3-5837c8a5aa6e

Franco Kev

I love the Juicy canned drink! It's bursting with flavor and so refreshing. Perfect for a pick-me-up. My new go-to thirst quencher! 😊🥤

Group copy 4.png__PID:3dda333f-44f1-416e-833b-e4e740102618

Otis Mauve

Juicy canned drinks were a hit at my home party! The flavors made for fantastic cocktail mixers. Everyone loved the vibrant taste. A party essential!

instagram 1 copy.png__PID:da333f44-f1b1-4e03-bbe4-e74010261817


I've recommended your products to everyone I know because of their high quality

Color copy.png__PID:28fddcbb-3de1-4824-97f3-5837c8a5aa6e

Vicky T.

Juicy canned drinks are a staple in my work fridge. Quick and delicious pick-me-ups during long meetings. The tropical flavors brighten up the office grind. Highly recommended!

Color copy.png__PID:28fddcbb-3de1-4824-97f3-5837c8a5aa6e

Selena Chin

I'm all about staying healthy, but I also adore a fizzy drink. Juicy canned drinks are my new obsession! They offer the best of both worlds – the refreshment of soda, but with real fruit goodness.

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